International Symposium of New Media from the Past to the Future


Dr. Lev Manovich *

Professor, The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY)
Director, Cultural Analytics Lab (

Lev Manovich is one the leading theorists of digital culture worldwide, and a pioneer in application of data science for analysis of contemporary culture.
* Online Video Conferencing from USA

Dr. Jon-Hans Coetzer

Dr. Jon-Hans Coetzer, Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of Glion Institute of Higher Education (GIHE), is responsible for overseeing overall academic integrity for all operations related to academic leadership, curriculum, personnel management of the academic, budget planning and fiscal management divisions.

Florian Thalhofer

Florian Thalhofer is a documentary filmmaker and the Invertor of Korsakow, a software to create a new kind of film and a principle to create a new kind of story.

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Istanbul University (Turkey)

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May 10 and 15, 2017

International Symposium of New Media from the Past to the Future is an organization which is going to be hold between 10 and 15 May 2017 as a part of the protocol made between TRT and Istanbul University Faculty of Communication within the scope of TRT Documentary Awards. The Project is going to be organized by TRT and Istanbul University.